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It's been a rough weekend leading into what I'm sure will be a rough week. I've been in bed for the greater part of the weekend with another migraine from hell. I went Thursday to the neurologist's office to get a few shots for the pain and nausea then traveled all the way to Cartersville for the job interview. I didn't have a good vibe from the time I entered to the time I left and it may have had something to do with the fella interviewing me stating, 'we don't like to think of ourselves as telemarketers, but educators...' uh, yeah...that was enough for me. They were trying so hard to sell me--I could be the VP of my own office and earn up to $115k/year. Sure, and monkeys are gonna fly right outta my...anyway, I opted not to show up for the second interview.

The neurologist prescribed more Oxycodone since it's not something she can call in for me. It's about gone too I've been in so much pain. It was a lower dosage than before so I took two in an effort to get rid of this bastard headache. No such luck.

I did get to squeeze the nephew for a little while and he was about as cranky as I was last night. I think he cried more though.


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