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New year, so new things and I'm determined to make this a much better year than last. There's still the sting of Mom's death last January, but that will never go away so that's the butterfly in the jar where matters of the heart are concerned -- it will always be there and will always be tragic and beautiful.

No spectacular resolutions except to attempt to participate in life a little more. I miss seeing friends, far and near. I miss having a healthy body too, but I'm working on it. I miss midnight walks and star-gazing.

I miss the con scenes too. (Thanks to the Stay Sick diet, I do have a clothesline kinda body at the moment (size 6, I've missed you so), just gotta tone my ass up a bit and I may even break out the costumes again, if the gods are willing and I don't disappear completely before solving the mystery illness).

I'm determined to restart my mail art again so anyone reading this who wants to be on the mailing list, email your snail mail addy to miss(dot)autopsy(at)gmail(dot)com and I'll add you post haste. Working on goodies now for a few special people. :)

I'm determined to make a few road trips this year too -- I want to see Graceland and I want to plan a trip to Providence in November. Plenty o' time to save and work out the logistics of it I suppose.

I'm determined to write every day now -- I have so many things swimming in the brain soup that have been plotting an escape plan -- my dreams are off the charts now so I figure that's the muse whispering to me while I sleep.

I'm determined to work on the make-up stuff too. My dear friend sent me an addy and number for Rick Baker's apprenticeship program. So, I need victims and volunteers for experiments so I can build a portfolio to submit with my letter. I'm going to do some on myself as well and post pics along hopefully...

Nothing but the good things this year...
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