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I haven't been showing El Jay any love lately. I really want to but my attention span has been so short that it's hard to express myself anymore. I've been working on some fantastic projects, by my standards. I've launched a movie review group and music group with plans to build a web page for the former. Both are incredibly small focus groups on Facebook but I'm telling ya, I've got some whip smart people involved and contributing. I'm hoping to grow it a bit but not so much that it's insane to keep up with... everyone is welcome so if you're a FB user, feel free to stop by:

Cinema Insomnia: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_186333421416558&ap=1
Chop-top's Music Stop: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_152862501450745&ap=1

In other news, I went to the hospital today for more tests. I've had the zombie plague since September last year and I'm down to 105 lbs. now. My neuro told me he didn't know what I was doing but I have a smokin' hot body now. Though when I replied, 'I think I'm killing myself slowly,' he expressed concern. I had a damn the torpedoes to hell with the consequences moment today and had a guacamole burger at Red Robin. Dad drove me to the hospital (he's convinced I'm bulimic) and insisted on going anywhere I wanted for lunch. Honestly that's the first meal I've had in awhile -- I started with black cherries earlier this week and responded well, then did veggies and rice and did okay until last night. I puked my ever-loving guts out all night long (which has been commonplace for the last nine+ months). After the epic bloodletting at the hospital I was downright woozy, Dad had to help me out of the hospital and flagged down an hospital escort attendant to drive me to the car. I'm at least back in the land of the living for the moment. Gotta stay on track for Dick Dale and Dave Alvin this weekend...

Think I'm going to crash for a bit then start drawing! I picked up a new sketchbook while I was out and plan to keep it with me as much as I can... if anyone has recommendations on a good perspective drawing book, I'd really appreciate it!
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Kind of ambivalent today -- not quite mood-swing central, but definitely feeling the highs and lows. Fun email exchanges are keeping me smiley but realizing that in three days, the first anniversary of my Mom's death will be here has me spinning a bit. A year. Wow. Can't believe I made it through...

That gypsy blood is starting to boil in me now and I wanna hit the highway and drive until I run outta go-go juice and credit cards. I need to plan my tunes accordingly should such an event take place! Travel music! I need the William Tell Overture to launch it of course...or the Mandingo soundtrack...

Off to watch more Tales from the Crypt! Saved one of my favorite eps for a headache free moment. Fitting Punishment -- the one with Moses Gunn as the mortician. Love it! 'The bible says, 'a penny saved is a penny earned, boy...' 'But Uncle Ezra, didn't Ben Franklin say that?' Priceless.
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Just some thoughts about love, life, divorce and moving on...

I was in touch with my ex-husband who is now happily married with children and I'm so very pleased for him. I always wanted things to end amicably with , but I felt hurt. Thinking back what hurt the most was losing a good friend. We were never meant to be married, only meant to take each other to the next level where we would find true happiness.

That's where we are and having said that, I would like to extend an open invitation to those who know who you are to join my world and allow me into yours. I believe friendships can be forged and the past is the past. I would even like to meet his lovely wife for lunch some fine afternoon if she's up for it.

I'm the happiest I've ever been. I've found someone who loves me without condition and someone I love unconditionally. His family are slowly learning my ways and I feel as if I fit right in with him. I love his Mom and Dad--they are friendly and down-to-earth--just like my family.

So if anyone wishes to pass along a friending frenzy to their FL, please by all means through my name out there.

Kisses to all!


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