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Driving home from work one evening last year, I saw a young man on a bicycle riding (either to or from) the place he worked. My guess is it was a fast food restaurant since he was wearing a red shirt and pinned on badge although I couldn't make out any logo. What struck me odd about this fella is that he was the spitting image of Napoleon Dynamite; the glasses, the frizzy, curly hair and his inane, slack-jawed expression. I saw the kid again today on the same bike wearing a short-sleeved plaid shirt and he still looks the same. What made it even more amusing, yet totally unrelated, is there were two Mexican guys walking a hundred yards behind him and one looked like a lot Pedro with a hat on. By the time I could get to my camera phone, Napoleon had already crossed the street heading north and I was heading west. Pedro and friend were stopped at the crosswalk and I had a car between me and them so I didn't have a clear shot for a picture.

Aside from Napoleon and Pedro, so far, I've seen on different occasions: an old man walking with his hand down the back of his pants ferociously digging...a man peeing on the side of the road in Roswell (just before Hwy 9), a black, male Statue of Liberty (also in Roswell) standing at the corner of Hwy 92 and Hwy 9.

I'm just absolutely fascinated by humans and their foibles.

I would love to read about any odd or unconventional people or things any of you have happened upon:


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