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It takes a lot to piss me off, really it does, I'm easily amused and I find humor in all things. If I didn't laugh at how terrible the world is I'd certainly be crying in my cornflakes everyday. I evidently offended someone by posting funny pictures of Hitler. Hitler! If we can't laugh at someone as ridiculous as Hitler, who can we laugh at? He exterminated 12 million people during World War II, 6 million being Jews. I think that was morally reprehensible and I was not making light of that act. I make no apologies for having a twisted sense of humor -- I exploit everyone equally. I'm not racist nor prejudiced in any way, but I do find humor in dark things. There are no safe topics around me -- I joke about religion, I joke about war, I joke about anyone with the surname Bush; that's what I do and I make no apologies for it, not today or ever.

The person I offended decides to counter me by asking if I'd be offended by cancer jokes (and how he'll make jokes about my mother who passed away from ovarian cancer). I told him to hit me with as many cancer jokes as he wished, if they amused me, I'll laugh. I know he thought throwing the bit about my mother in there would hurt me and admittedly, joking about her death would bother me just because it is a direct pinpoint at someone near and dear to me, but joking about the disease would not offend me. I'm not easily offended. I didn't specifically target anyone but Hitler and let's face it, he's not near and dear to me. I'm not sympathetic to Hitler and never will be though I do find pictures of Emo Hitler very amusing. I have a dark and obscene sense of humor -- just the other day I debated with another friend an episode of Family Guy he thought was taken too far. You be the judge:

Yes, it was in bad taste, but it was still funny. Sue me, I laughed and I groaned. I adore Seth MacFarlane because he pushes the envelope. Same can be said of Trey Parker and Matt Stone of South Park fame -- they have the take no prisoners, show no mercy attitude I love and admire and it's all done in the spirit of humor. Humor is lost on so many people and that's the real tragedy.
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